My name is Erin Owen and I am based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma! I find inspiration all around me, but am attracted to bodies of water, trees, walking in places I never been, art galleries, and museums. The beauty of nature strongly influences my creative style and process. I create art to reach out to society and direct public attention to how humankind’s advances have affected the natural world. Much of my work is an attempt to provide the viewer with a starting point to begin contemplating their own landscape and possibly their part in its preservation.

I specialize in acrylic and oil painting, but I also enjoy sculpting, photography, and charcoal drawings. My art style is many things, but I do tend to fall under themes such as land/environmental art, installation art, and impressionism. I am motivated and inspired by a buzzing community of artists, mentors, spending time in nature, and many genres of music that I dance to in my studio.